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Our Story

In September of 2008, four friends got together for 2 nights of dinner and conversation.  We had known each other for about 10 years by that time.  We kicked around the idea of going into business for ourselves during those nights, and in December of that same year, Keeper Sports Products, LLC was born!

Mark had started a shortened career in retail out of college in 1980 on Nantucket Island.  Scott began shaping bodyboards in Southern California while attending college in 1981.  The bodyboard company whom Scott was working for in 1986, was bought by a company in Hyannis, Massachusetts.  Mark joined that company in 1987.  One on the west coast, the other on the east coast, we joined forces with Charlie and Michael 21 years later.

Mark worked out of his home for the first 7 years while Scott opened our first office in Oceanside in 2009.  Mark handled the sales and marketing while Scott designed our product line from bodyboards to surf and SUP boards to winter snow sleds, while running the operations side.  Charlie and Michael handled the prototypes, testing, packaging and ultimately all of the production.

We hired our first assistant in 2011.  As the years grew, our family grew.  Dugie and Chuckie, long time industry veterans and good friends, were among the first to join us.  Our rep base grew with long time buddies like Stretch, KB, Sully, Jamie, Pete & Paul, the Walrus and Giff and Schifty and most recently, Kyle.  Each one of them instrumental in getting us from “there” to “here”.

Along the way, we picked-up the brilliant G-Man, who’s designs and artwork are now world renowned.  Willy mentored us in business throughout while John balanced the legal side until we could branch out. It may be the four partners getting the handshakes at the shows, but we know it’s Helen, Tyler, Ryan, Ashley and Brittany and some others that were equally important but went off to other adventures – they’ve all kept our boards floating.

We pride ourselves in making a quality product that our many loyal retail customers can buy for a fair price and extend that value to the most important people of all . . . our extended family . . . our consumers.  We are equally proud to present to you our new website, authored by Tyler but assisted by many and ask that you share it and our story with your family and friends.

Warmest Regards,

Mark, Scott, Charlie and Michael

If it’s made by us . . . it’s a Keeper!

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