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Keeper Sports Products LLC 30 Day Limited Warranty


Please Read Before You Return the Board to the Store:


Keeper Sports Products LLC, parent company of California Board Company (CBC) and Scott Burke Surf, take great pride in producing quality boards that meet industry standards. We warrant products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 30 days from date of purchase. Keeper Sports Products LLC, at its option, will offer repair solution/instructions, or replace the product or any original component part that is determined to be defective during the warranty period. At times, Keeper Sports Products may instruct to return item to the original place of purchase for a replacement, credit, or refund depending on the return programs already established with specific retailers. This Warranty applies to the original purchaser of this product and is not transferable. Proof of Purchase is required to obtain warranty performance, so please keep the original sales receipt.






This board is for individual consumer owners and is not intended to be sold to or used in a commercial rental operation. Rental companies assume ALL risks associated with the use, misuse, and ownership of this product. All warranties are VOIDED when merchandise is used at a commercial rental operation.





  • Keeper Sports Products, LLC hereby states that this warranty does not under any circumstances cover merchandise or components which have been subject to misuse, abuse, improper installation, or failure to perform routine maintenance.


  • Warranty also does not cover unauthorized modification including taking the product apart or installation of 3rd party parts such as fins, mounts, or grips. Drilling or cutting into, and/or affixing objects to, the Scott Burke Surf or California Board Company also voids the warranty.


  • Additionally, this warranty will not cover complications or damage caused directly or indirectly by normal wear and tear, punctures, abrasions, theft, loss, acts of God and nature,


  • Warranty claims may be approved or denied based on the judgement and opinion of Keeper Sports Products, LLC after a careful review of the facts provided by the consumer.


  • Keeper Sports Products shall not be liable for special or consequential damages of any kind including shipping charges, loss of time, financial burden, and loss of use. Some states do not permit limitations of exclusion of implied warranties or incidental or consequential damages, so the limitation or exclusions in this warranty may not apply.


  • Keeper Sports Products LLC reserves the right to make improvements in design or changes in specifications at any time, without incurring any obligation to owners of units previously sold.



Scott Burke Surf & California Board Company boards are manufactured to last for many years with proper care. Please check out our FAQ section for answer and tips on how to best maintain your board.

To receive more information regarding the warranty service or file a warranty claim please call 760-295-9600 or e-mail



                You may also write to us at:

               Keeper Sports Products LLC

               Customer Service & Warranty Dept.

               1203 Activity Dr. Ste. 200

               Vista, CA 92081






This product is not a life saving device.  Do not leave child unattended while in use.  Do not use this product in conditions which are hazardous.  When in the ocean, watch for rip currents and inspect the area for rocks, reefs and other objects that can be considered dangerous.  Keep a safe distance from surfers and swimmers.  Only use this product if you are a competent swimmer!  Adult supervision is strongly recommended.

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