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11' Nautic I-SUP


Item #: 103
Size: 11’ x 31" x 4.75"
Weight: 24 lbs.
Weight Capacity: Up to 275 lbs


Board Features

- Two-layer PVC coated tarpaulin bonded to PVC coated drop stitch core
- Deck and bottom seams are capped with two extra side wraps
- Bungee straps for added storage
- Traction pad for easy grip
- Single check valve for fast inflation and deflation
- 3 comfort grip grab handles placed at the front, rear, & center
- 6 D-rings  
- Leash plug
- Single fin system 

Bonus Gear Included

- 1 tracking fin
- Leash with rail saver & padded ankle strap
- 15 PSI air pump
- At home patch repair kit
- 3pc adjustable paddle that breaks down into travel sized pieces
- Storage/travel backpack that fits your deflated SUP and all the accessories included with this package 

Great board for the outdoor enthusiast, camper. High Quality & Durable! Our CBC Inflatable SUP is made up of a coated, reinforced triple layered PVC fabric that’s connected by thousands of polyester threads, attaching the skin of the deck to the skin of the hull. This Drop Stitch technology ensures that the board has a controlled shape and can be inflated to very high pressure for maximum rigidity, stability, and performance. It has an EVA molded deck traction pad for better grip, a convenient bungee system at the nose, and a built-in center carrying handle. This Touring SUP is great for all water types but handles especially well in lakes and rivers. The highly durable construction is very rugged and can take a pounding! Bonus gear includes a 15 PSI air pump, 1 fin, leash, repair kit, and an aluminum paddle that can be broken down into 3 pcs for storage. A backpack to store or transport your deflated SUP and all of its included accessories is also included and it small enough to check at the airport of fit in the trunk of your car so you can enjoy this SUP on your next nautical vacation. This board is the perfect solution for those of you who have been wanting to try paddle boarding but didn’t know where you would store a huge SUP – now it fits right in your closet!

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