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Gerry Lopez 8' Soft Surfboard 2021 (Costco)


Model - #121

Size - 96" x 22" x 3.25"

Weight - 13.5 lbs.

Weight Capacity - Up to 200 lbs.


Board Features

- Gerry Lopez designed shape with his signature deck and logo graphics

- 100% waterproof EPS foam core

- 3 wood stringers

- HD polyethylene slick hard bottom

- IXPE/XPE deck skin

- Traction pad for grip

- Protective tail cap

- Tri-fin system

Bonus Gear Included

- 3 surf fins

- PU dual swivel surf leash

w/padded ankle strap

8ft. soft top surfboard designed by Gerry Lopez, aka Mr. Pipeline, world renowned surfer from Honolulu, Hawaii.  Gerry was once widely recognized as the best tube rider in the world.  Gerry not only shaped the blank for this surfboard, he’s put his name on it as well, ensuring a great all-around performance in multiple surf conditions. The Gerry Lopez 8’ Surfboard, exclusively available at Costco, comes with 3 surf fins, surf leash and attached traction pad. This board is the perfect size and shape for both beginners and advanced riders to have fun on!

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